I'm Sampath Kumar

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Ever since my schooling, I have had a passion for design.

In the early days, I used to think the design was only for communicating and making things pretty visually.

After being critiqued for my subjective designs, I learned more about human-centric design. And now, I am a User Experience Designer having a T-shaped specialization in User Interface and Interaction Design.

Currently, I’m an HFI’s Certified Usability Analyst with 10+ years of experience in the IT industry.

My Key Traits:

My Skill Matrix

Thanks to Daniel Birch for the UX skill matrix.
Scoring: 1:Learner, 2:Beginner, 3:Junior, 4:Practitioner, 5:Intermediate, 6:Senior, 7:Advanced, and 8:Expert.

I have mostly worked in delivery teams focusing as an interaction designer for building web-based enterprise applications. I have always aimed towards building usable and accessible products that suit user goals and needs. Trying to follow the philosophy of keeping the process simple, clean, and consistent to design engaging products.

I believe design is a set of methods and a way of thinking about any problems. I like to keep myself evolving in the realm of design.