Interaction Design, Project Management

Digitalization of an existing process

  • Role Lead Interaction Designer
  • ForInsurance Provider
  • Team Size3
  • Duration3 Months


A leading health insurance company's analysis wing department wanted to digitalize its way of working. I helped their digital transformation team visualize the solution and provided them with the necessary screens for their development team. I worked with a UX/UI Designer and business analyst and ran workshops to convert user goals and needs into a scalable system


The process of analyzing the hospital claims requires many teams and offline activities. They had to perform operations in different applications. There was an opportunity to make their analysis and decision-making more collaborative and thus improve their operational efficiency.

Opportunity - Why, What, and How

The digital transformation department wanted to build a portal that improves the operation of the Analysis wing department. The Analysis wing department used various applications for their daily work. They wanted to streamline its process in a single portal.

The digital transformation team wanted to convert the requirements into a solution and build a medium-fidelity prototype that would help them align with the user requirements and also guide their development.

The System - The people involved Analysis wing, Initializers, Claim collectors, Executives, Legal, Relationship team, Hospitals, Insurance Holders

My Approach

The approach - Assumption & Questions, As-is & Future Scenario Mapping, Concept Sketch, Visual design, Prototype and Stakeholders & Users Alignment

While understanding the project, we created UI components based on their brand colors to speed up the process.

UI Components

Before engaging with the client, I wanted to understand the purpose of the application & why it is being built. I gathered the existing knowledge about the requirement from my team. And also about the codebase in which the application is being developed.

Development & Feedback

We broke down their process in each stage and ideated the solutions for each stage.

user flow

we obtained users' feedback in each stage and iterated the solution to make a better design.

Though their process was simple, they wanted to digitize every part of their process by capturing all the information in the system. We tried to keep the data entry as effective and efficient as possible. We also provisioned various views to help them analyze.


As per their need, we strengthened their process of review and decision making. Overall we helped the team to envision a collaborative tool that keeps communication-related to the analysis in a single application. And also we co-created,

  • Personalized dashboards - Customized to each user groups
  • App Dashboard
  • Workflows made simple and operational - Forms made simple, Made use of defaults, data pickers, wizard approach to breakdown lengthy sequential forms
  • Application forms
  • Intuitive interfaces - grouped forms and actions in places where users expect based on the system they have been used too. Usage of terminologies that they are familiar with.
  • Application forms
  • Right information at the right time - placed contents only on appropriate places and data is fetched only if it is required. Thus keeping the users less distracted with information
  • Approvals