Interaction Design

Product Ordering App for Health Care Products Manufacturer's sales team

  • Role Interaction Designer
  • ForHealth Care Products Manufacturer
  • Team Size7
  • Duration12 Months


I was recognized to work on a redesign opportunity during the uprise of the COVID. I tagged along with the sales business team of the global medical product manufacturer to co-create an iPad application. The sales team wanted to redesign their concept application which was not scaling to their needs. I helped the team rectify usability issues and align the user experience to aid their business goals.


The conceptual version of the iPad application was not aesthetically appealing. The interface had usability issues in readability, UI consistency, and efficiency of the tasks. There was an opportunity to make the application more usable, effective, thus improving the sales team's operational efficiency.


I worked as an Interaction Designer. I also took the roles of,

  • Facilitator - Facilitated user feedback sessions and Alignment sessions within the team
  • Usability Advocate - Brought out user pain points to the team and addressed them in the design accordingly
  • Strategist - Worked along with Business Analyst and Technical Lead to provide suggestions for business goal decisions


Opportunity - Why, What, and How

When the project was assigned to me, the development team was already gearing up for the first release. I had an opportunity to play around with the developed application and evaluated the user interface. I noted the points for improvements and also investigated why there were issues. I categorized the problems into different buckets like the requirement not understood, development constraints, and design issues.

Before engaging with the client, I wanted to understand the purpose of the application & why it is being built. I gathered the existing knowledge about the requirement from my team. And also about the codebase in which the application is being developed.

Requirement Workshop

I visited the client team for the requirement gathering workshop. The subject was to discuss the new requirements. I created my own opportunity to explain the issues in the existing application and proposed a suitable solution.

Application Dashboard

Due to pre-planned release dates, The whole solution was not feasible to be built within the time frame. So, I strategized a solution which comprised off,

  • Solve existing issues minimally without compromising the time to build
  • Defined design philosophy and adopted to design for new requirements
  • Created guidelines for the team to develop the application without any deviation from the design solution

Sprint 0

Design approach

With everyone's consensus, we created a design principle that needs to be followed while designing and developing the product.

Design philosophy - Clean, Relvant and Guiding

I created a mini design system comprised of Color, Typography, Copy, and Animation. For Iconography, material icons were used for the common. Few Icons were designed to match the requirement. The specifications document was created and shared to bring the quality in the development.

Design System Snapshot

Design validation at every stage

I helped the business team with documents, prototypes, and guidance to conduct user feedback sessions. The proposed solutions were first discussed with the users. Based on their feedback, designs were iterated before reaching the development.

Workflow Snapshot

With a good understanding of the users, I was able to produce designs that had fewer iterations. Every workflow was sketched out with details before creating the prototypes.

Use case Snapshot


With everyone's efforts, we were able to create an intuitive app. Our endeavors helped the sales team to incorporate a new process and a tool for their product ordering.

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